Karlissa Saffold Issues Warning to Chrisean Rock Amid Ongoing Feud

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Karlissa Saffold Issues Warning to Chrisean Rock Amid Ongoing Feud

The rift deepens.

Karlissa Saffold and Chrisean Rock’s relationship has been fraught with tension, particularly since Chrisean became involved with Blueface. Matters escalated with the birth of Chrisean’s child, exacerbating the strain. Saffold has expressed her anguish over being denied access to her grandson, a sentiment Chrisean has yet to address. Now, the situation has taken a concerning turn.

In a recent Instagram post, Karlissa shared screenshots of direct messages with an unidentified individual, accompanied by the statement, “I’ll have a restraining order by Monday at noon.” While ostensibly directed at Chrisean Rock, the sincerity of this threat remains uncertain. However, it underscores the escalating animosity between them, prompting Saffold to consider legal action if tensions persist.

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The impasse between Chrisean and Karlissa shows no sign of resolution. Should threats persist, swift intervention becomes imperative. Whether Saffold follows through with her ultimatum remains to be seen, but a peaceful resolution is paramount, especially with a child caught in the middle.

What’s your take on the escalating feud between Karlissa Saffold and Chrisean Rock?

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