Kanye West Sued by Former Assistant for Alleged Sexual Harassment


Kanye West Sued by Former Assistant for Alleged Sexual Harassment

Ye, previously known as Kanye West, is facing a lawsuit from his former assistant, marking the second legal action against him in recent months following previous allegations of discrimination and harassment by another former employee.

Allegations of Sexual Harassment

According to documents obtained by The Blast, Kanye West is accused of sexual harassment and wrongful termination by his former assistant, Lauren Pisciotta. Pisciotta, who has had a 15-year career in the music industry, has held roles in artist management, A&R, marketing consultancy, and project management.

Pisciotta collaborated with West on the Yeezy Season I women’s fashion line and contributed to three songs on his 10th studio album, “Donda,” released in 2021. In July 2021, she was requested to serve as West’s Executive Assistant/Personal Assistant, handling both his business and personal affairs.

Ye reportedly praised Pisciotta’s previous work and offered her a $1,000,000 annual salary, provided she was available 24/7. She accepted the position.

 Lawsuit Details

The lawsuit claims that West was aware of Pisciotta’s social media presence, including her Instagram and OnlyFans accounts, managed independently and generating around $1,000,000 annually. Initially, West had no objections and even boasted about her OnlyFans success to friends.

However, in August 2022, West allegedly asked Pisciotta to delete her OnlyFans account in exchange for $1,000,000. Pisciotta agreed but was never compensated.

 Inappropriate Text Messages

Pisciotta also alleges that West sent her a series of explicit text messages. One message, transcribed by TMZ, read:

> “See my problem is I be wanting to f-ck but then after I f-ck I want a girl to tell me how hard they been f-cked while I’m f-cking them. Then I want her to cheat on me …”

Another transcribed message read:

> “Is my d-ck racist? It is. This f-cking racist d-ck of mine. I’m going to beat this f-cking racist d-ck for being f-cking racist. I’m going to stare at pictures of white women with black as–es and beat the sh-t out of my racist d-ck … Beating the h-t out of his big black c-ck.”

 Alleged Harassment and Termination

The suit further claims West engaged in a severe and pervasive campaign of sexual harassment against Pisciotta, violating various provisions of FEHA. She alleges he masturbated in front of her and shared intimate sexual details, photos, texts, and videos of sex acts involving himself, Instagram models, current and former YEEZY employees, and others.

Pisciotta claims she was terminated on October 21, 2022, and offered $3,000,000 in severance, which was never paid. The defendants allegedly reneged on their commitment.

Claims of Stalking

The lawsuit also accuses West of stalking Pisciotta after her termination. In late 2022, he allegedly moved into her building and continued his unprofessional and harassing behavior.

Pisciotta asserts she did not welcome or encourage these acts, maintaining professionalism despite the harassment and abuse. She is suing for at least $4,000,000, citing breach of contract, sexual harassment, wrongful termination, and a hostile work environment.

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