Drake May Sue Kendrick Lamar for Alleged Defamation Over “Pedophile” Accusation, Say Wack 100 & DJ Vlad


Drake May Sue Kendrick Lamar for Alleged Defamation Over “Pedophile” Accusation, Say Wack 100 & DJ Vlad

DJ Vlad and Wack 100 believe the accusation could “definitely” harm Drake’s reputation.

In their ongoing lyrical feud, Kendrick Lamar’s most explosive allegation against Drake was the claim that he and his OVO Sound colleagues are pedophiles, made in the track “Not Like Us.” This accusation sparked a significant reaction on social media, prompting users to dig up controversial moments from Drake’s past. One such moment was a resurfaced clip of Drake onstage with a 17-year-old girl, where he made flirtatious comments, expressed surprise at her age, but still proceeded to hug and kiss her. This clip has understandably disturbed many viewers, though Wack 100 contends it doesn’t prove Drake is a pedophile.

Wack 100 & DJ Vlad Believe Kendrick Lamar’s Allegations Could Harm Drake’s Career

In a recent interview with DJ Vlad, Wack 100 discussed Kendrick’s allegations, asserting that Drake has potential grounds for a defamation lawsuit. Vlad claimed that Kendrick’s “pedophile” remark constitutes defamation, suggesting that legal action might be a viable option. Wack 100 explained his decision to share the clip of Drake with the 17-year-old, stating it was to illustrate what Kendrick was referring to. He emphasized that while Drake’s behavior in the video was “distasteful,” it does not make him a criminal.

Wack 100 noted that the incident occurred in Colorado, where the age of consent is 17. He added that although the federal age of consent is 18, the statute of limitations has expired, meaning Drake is legally clear. What are your thoughts on DJ Vlad and Wack 100’s assertion that Drake could potentially sue Kendrick Lamar?

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