Diddy Arrest Predicted For 2PAC Murder By Former Bodyguard


Diddy Arrest Predicted For 2PAC Murder By Former Bodyguard

Former Bodyguard Predicts Imminent Arrest of Diddy in Connection to 2Pac’s Murder

If recent claims hold any weight, Diddy might be facing even more serious trouble soon.

Gene Deal, Diddy’s former bodyguard, has asserted that an arrest for the music mogul related to the murder of 2Pac could be on the horizon. Speaking on The Art of Dialogue, Deal suggested that a federal investigation into Diddy, which included recent Homeland Security raids on his properties, might be nearing its conclusion.


Deal brought up a purported million-dollar check given to Eric Von Zip, alleging it was payment for a hit on the iconic rapper. “When Zip came up with the check for a million dollars, he said it was from Blackground Records and he said that’s who he got that money from. So now, if that’s true, then the feds would have to go in and do a money trace on where did that check come from,” Deal also stated.

Art of Dialogue straight up asked Gene Deal if he believes they will pin Tupac’s death on Diddy and he said a straight “yeah.”

Additionally, Deal referenced the release of footage showing Diddy allegedly assaulting Cassie at a hotel in 2016. “That’s why that tape of Cassie was released,” he stated. “So, anyone who was willing to help him or defend him by claiming he couldn’t do such things, they have it right there on videotape.”

If Diddy faces criminal charges for any of these allegations, Deal has indicated he would be prepared to testify against him.


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