Want To Break Your Kid Into Hollywood? Nelson Paredez-Park Interview

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Want To Break Your Kid Into Hollywood? Nelson Paredez-Park Interview

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WorldWide Entertainment TV exclusive interview with Hollywood Talent Manager Nelson Paredez-Park. He speaks on working with many actors from the world of of Hollywood and navigating talented kids to reach their potential. His talent roster has includes Ethan William Childress who played the son on ABC’s Mixedish, Malcolm David Kelly who played the son on the classic movie with Denzel Washington entitled Atoine Fisher, and Faly Rakotohavana who portrays the son of Kerry Washington in Unprisoned. Paredez-Nelson also talks about the impact of AI on the entertainment business and much more with the full interview below.


Meet Nelson Paredez-Parks, a dynamo renowned for his eclectic skill set and embodying multiple roles. As an acknowledged expert in the entertainment industry, Nelson’s known for his leadership of The ESI Network, a premier talent management company with over 30+ years in the entertainment world. He’s an expert in getting your kids into show business as well as navigating the entertainment business with healthy boundaries.

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His entrepreneurial past ventures include organizations like “Talent Plan,” a celebrity and impersonation company,“Break for Breakfast” a large networking group in Hollywood, “Rise up Entertainment” which developed a series of commercial spots that Nelson directed and produced, and “Kidz Eyes,” a non profit company that provided arts scholarships to underprivileged kids in the Los Angeles area and various other initiatives including the latest two he is most excited with Helpandanswers.com and TheAIxperts.com.

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By combining his robust educational background from Columbia College and USC with a passion for mentorship and extensive travel, Nelson Paredez-Parks continues to influence the entertainment industry and inspire our youth.


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