The Game & Rick Ross Clap At Each Other Over Potential Home Loss


The Game & Rick Ross Clap At Each Other Over Potential Home Loss

The feud between rappers The Game and Rick Ross continues to escalate.

The Game, also known as Jayceon Taylor, 44, is reportedly at risk of losing his Calabasas, California home after failing to pay a $7 million judgment awarded to Priscilla Rainey. Rainey sued the rapper for sexual battery following an incident during the filming of his 2015 dating reality show. With most of the payment still outstanding, Rainey has filed to have The Game’s property seized.

Rick Ross, born William Roberts, 48, appeared to gloat over this development by sharing a report about it on his Instagram Story, accompanied by a gif of a dancing man. The Game responded by firing back on his own Instagram Story with a screenshot of Ross’ post and the caption:

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“Even if I lost my house, which I’m not.. you still gone be a fat b*tch n*gg*!!!!! That Ozempic gone kill you before the twinkies do hoe *ss n*gg*”

Ross responded with a video on his own Instagram Story, making it clear that he has no sympathy for The Game. “One thing, man, if your money ain’t right, man, you gotta plan years and years and years and years and years ahead,” he explained. “That’s why you hustle, right? You hustle hard, you hustle wise. Can’t be an emotional square l*me n***a ‘cause n****s is gonna sit back and toast. Toast! I mean they can’t wait to toast to your demise.”

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