Blac Chyna Rejects Disrespect From Tokyo Toni & Game Sleeping Together


Blac Chyna Rejects Disrespect From Tokyo Toni & Game Sleeping Together

Fans suspect that Blac Chyna is displeased with her mother’s comments on the “Aunt-Tea Podcast.”

Tokyo Toni, Karlissa Saffold, and Tia Kemp recently launched the “Aunt-Tea Podcast,” and their first episode has already sparked significant controversy among fans. The Game appeared as a guest for the premiere, leading to some explosive moments. During the episode, Tokyo claimed that the rapper had slept with her daughter, Angela White, formerly known as Blac Chyna. She then flirted with him, which viewers found highly inappropriate.

Tokyo Toni seemingly took shots at The Game by asking her co-hosts if they could name one of the rapper’s songs. Explaining their tension, Game said,

“I see what it is, she mad I turned her daughter into a pretzel.”

Toni fired back,

“And I’ll turn you into one, I’ll peg your *ss! 

“Your daughter ain’t no slouch down there.”

However, despite their heated exchanges, the two also appeared to make a few flirtatious toward each other. After Toni asked the “How We Do” artist to clarify if a nude image she received from another party was actually him, Game said,

“You know that was me and my d*ck, what you playing for lady? You want to take 5 or something? I’ll take one for the team.”

Tokyo Toni also appeared to show The Game up her dress as well.

Whether Tokyo’s flirtation was serious or not remains unclear, but many believe she crossed a line by discussing her daughter’s sex life publicly. Critics accuse her of making advances on the rapper out of jealousy and displaying disloyalty towards her own child. Fans think Blac Chyna might have subtly responded to the situation, indicating her displeasure with her mother’s apparent disrespect.

Blac Chyna Rejects Disrespect

“I’m not for the drama, I’m not for the disrespect,” Blac Chyna stated on Instagram Live earlier this week. “Peace and love to everyone.” Although she did not explicitly reference her mother’s podcast comments, it seems she is keen to distance herself from the drama that could arise from her mother’s new venture.

What do you think about Tokyo Toni revealing that The Game slept with her daughter Blac Chyna on the new “Aunt-Tea Podcast” with Karlissa Saffold and Tia Kemp?


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