The Game Gets a Lap Dance from Tia Kemp on New Podcast

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The Game Gets a Lap Dance from Tia Kemp on New Podcast

The Game recently received a lap dance from Tia Kemp, the mother of Rick Ross’ child, on the debut episode of her new podcast “Aunt-Tea.”

Tia Kemp and The Game on “Aunt-Tea”

On Sunday (July 7), the premiere episode of The Zeus Network‘s new podcast “Aunt-Tea” aired, featuring cohosts Tia Kemp, Karlissa Saffold (Blueface’s mom), and Tokyo Toni (Blac Chyna’s mom). The first episode featured The Game as a guest, and things took an unexpected turn when the topic of lap dances came up. The Game joked that he would give Tia a lap dance if she returned the favor. Tia then got up and gave the Compton rapper a lap dance, despite his ongoing feud with Rick Ross.

“Bawse might get mad. But hey, dawg fine, man,” Tia said while straddling The Game.

“You know what’s crazy?” The Game remarked as Tia danced on his lap. “You know what’s so attractive about you? It’s your attitude.”


Tia Kemp’s Ongoing Spats with Rick Ross

Tia Kemp, the mother of Rick Ross’ son William Roberts III, has a history of inserting herself into the rapper’s feuds. In 2008, she involved herself in the beef between 50 Cent and Rick Ross by allowing 50 Cent to take her on a shopping spree. Recently, she has reemerged in the spotlight. In June, she responded to Rick Ross celebrating his final child support payment and commented on a video of him being attacked after a festival performance in Vancouver, Canada.

As for The Game, he inexplicably dissed Rick Ross back in May on the song “Freeway’s Revenge” and has continued to call him out. Ross has largely ignored The Game’s provocations.

Stay tuned for more updates on this developing story and other news in the hip-hop world.

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