Power Book 2 Actor Malcolm Mays Involved in Police Altercation

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Power Book 2 Actor Malcolm Mays Involved in Police Altercation

The After Party Ended In Police Problems For Mays

Malcolm Mays made headlines on Thursday, June 6, when a video surfaced showing him being escorted by police from the “Power Book II: Ghost” season 4 premiere party in New York City. The footage, shared by 9MagTV, depicts Mays in a heated exchange with two officers, attempting to explain his position to bystanders. “I’m trying to tell you,” the actor can be heard shouting as the police remove him from the venue and close the gates behind him. During the incident, a woman in red tries to comfort the 34-year-old actor, who tells her to return to the party. Mays then confronts a Black man in a black suit standing near the officers, accusing the police of bias and saying, “All you nias are bihes.”

After initially leaving the scene, Mays returns to the barricade to speak with the police again. He questions whether they recognize the Black man in the suit. When the officers admit they don’t know him, Mays expresses his frustration, saying, “And that’s the problem. You just listen to whoever is talking to you, but when I talk, you don’t want to listen, right? ‘Cause I’m a Black man, but this mothafker got a suit on, so you listening to his bih, ni**a.”

Malcolm Mays In Police Altercation

Photographer @pictureswithq clarified that the incident was not scripted. According to the photographer, Malcolm had left the premiere and was waiting at the entrance when the confrontation occurred. Security, unsure of his identity, asked him to move. When he refused, they began to physically escort him away. The video does not reveal the initial cause of the dispute, but it appears Mays felt he was being treated unfairly.

As more information about the incident becomes available, we will provide updates. Overall, the situation involving Malcolm Mays is regrettable.

“Power Book II: Ghost” Season 4 Premiere

Fans of the Power franchise can look forward to the fourth and final season of “Power Book II: Ghost,” which will premiere in two parts on Starz, with episodes releasing on June 7 and September 6. Viewers can expect the continuation of the beloved storyline that has captivated audiences for years.

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