Lawsuit Filed Against Chrisean Rock Over Social Media Post


Lawsuit Filed Against Chrisean Rock Over Social Media Post

Chrisean Rock Served With Lawsuit Because Of A Social Media Post

Chrisean Rock finds herself entangled in legal proceedings as she faces a lawsuit from James Wright Chanel, a close associate of Tamar Braxton. The legal action follows a social media post by Rock, revealing her location, which prompted the legal response.

According to Radar Online, the legal process commenced on May 4, with an official filing of the affidavit of service against Rock at Cathedral High School in Los Angeles, where she was served.

Rock had earlier disclosed her presence at the high school for football practice on social media, inadvertently facilitating the process server’s task.


With the lawsuit served, Rock now confronts a deadline to respond, though her intentions remain uncertain.

This legal entanglement is not Rock’s first encounter with Wright Chanel. In February of this year, Wright Chanel initiated legal action against Rock, alleging assault during a Tamar Braxton show in Los Angeles last November.

Legal documents obtained by the Los Angeles Times reveal Wright Chanel’s claims of sustaining injuries, including two broken teeth and facial cuts, purportedly inflicted by Rock. This civil suit supplements a criminal case instituted against Rock earlier in the year for the same incident.

“She hit him multiple times in the face for no reason at all. We were surprised that she was able to leave the facility that night,” Wright’s attorney said. “She had on rings that were pretty much equivalent to brass knuckles.”


According to Wright Chanel’s attorney, the altercation stemmed from Rock’s dissatisfaction at being unable to perform a rap during the show. The lawsuit further alleges Rock’s use of a homophobic slur directed at Wright Chanel.

In response to the accusations, Rock and her associates have maintained her innocence, emphasizing the absence of evidence supporting the allegations.

“Why try to lie and say nobody told you she was about to perform?” her friend, who was present at the show, said during an Instagram Live. “Why did she have the mic, why did they have me give the DJ her music? Like, make it make sense. Why even tell her to pull up and get on stage and all that?”


Rock’s friend, present at the event in question, addressed the issue during an Instagram Live session, questioning the veracity of the claims against Rock and highlighting inconsistencies in the narrative.

Rock herself expressed frustration over the situation, denouncing the accusations as baseless attempts at tarnishing her reputation. She asserted her commitment to truth and expressed disbelief at the lack of evidence or police report to substantiate the allegations.

As the legal proceedings unfold, Rock faces the challenge of defending herself against the allegations while maintaining her innocence amidst a complex legal battle.

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