BernNadette Stanis Opens Up About John Amos’ Firing from ‘Good Times’


BernNadette Stanis Opens Up About John Amos’ Firing from ‘Good Times’

John Amos reportedly parted ways with ‘Good Times’ due to creative differences with the show’s producers regarding the direction of his character and the overall storyline.


BerNadette Stanis who portrayed “Thelma Evans” has finally opened up about the departure of John Amos from the classic sitcom Good Times. In the video above, she describes her thoughts on John Amos’ conflict with the writers of the show with Comedy Hype.

Good Times was originally written for Florida Evans portrayed by Esther Rolle, but she fought for the program to include a strong male as a father figure. The original concept had Florida as a single mother of three children that included Thelma, James Junior aka JJ, and Michael. As Amos came on board, he was fighting for the series to have positive images and language that related to Black America in a time when the show was the first ever of its kind.


Thelma Evans, portrayed by actress BernNadette Stanis, is a central character in the television sitcom “Good Times.” She is the only daughter of James and Florida Evans and the sister of J.J., Michael, and sometimes, Penny. Thelma is depicted as a responsible, level-headed young woman who often serves as a voice of reason within the family. She is compassionate, ambitious, and deeply cares for her family’s well-being. Thelma’s character faces various challenges typical of young adulthood, such as navigating relationships, pursuing her dreams, and dealing with societal issues. Throughout the series, Thelma’s strength, resilience, and determination shine through as she strives to build a better future for herself and her loved ones.


John Amos is a veteran actor with a diverse and extensive career spanning several decades. He is perhaps best known for his role as James Evans Sr. in the groundbreaking television sitcom “Good Times,” which aired from 1974 to 1979. However, his acting career extends far beyond this iconic role.

Amos has appeared in numerous television shows, films, and stage productions throughout his career.

Some notable highlights

1. **Roots** (1977): Amos portrayed the character of Kunta Kinte in this landmark television miniseries based on Alex Haley’s novel. His performance earned critical acclaim and contributed to the series’ cultural significance.

2. **Coming to America** (1988): In this classic comedy film directed by John Landis, Amos played the role of Cleo McDowell, the father of the female lead character Lisa McDowell, portrayed by Shari Headley.

3. **Die Hard 2** (1990): Amos appeared in this action-packed sequel to the original “Die Hard” film, playing the role of Major Grant, a key character involved in the plot.

4. **The West Wing**: Amos had a recurring role in this acclaimed political drama series, portraying Admiral Percy Fitzwallace, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

5. **Menace II Society** (1993): In this gritty urban drama film directed by the Hughes Brothers, Amos portrayed the character of Mr. Butler, a father figure to the protagonist.

6. **The Mary Tyler Moore Show**: Amos had a recurring role on this popular sitcom as Gordy Howard, a weatherman at the fictional WJM-TV station.

7. **Two and a Half Men**: Amos appeared in this long-running sitcom as Ed, the father of Alan Harper’s girlfriend, Lyndsey.

Outside of television and film, Amos has also been involved in theater productions, including performances on Broadway. His work has garnered him respect and recognition within the entertainment industry, establishing him as a versatile and talented actor across various genres and mediums.

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