Toronto Rappers Who Had Beef With Drake History

toronto rappers

Toronto Rappers Who Had Beef With Drake History

WorldWide Entertainment TV throwback exclusives as we take a look at hip hop artists from the city Toronto that had issues with the iconic Drake.

In early September of 2017, tensions between the emerging Toronto rap outfit ScrapGang and established figures like Drake, Noah “40” Shebib, and Boi-1da surfaced.

Following 40’s derogatory comment on a ScrapGang social media platform, dubbing the trio as “waste youths,” the group embarked on a small media circuit to address the underlying conflict.

By late October, they dropped a diss track titled “Death to OVO,” intensifying the feud and underscoring their determination to hold their ground.


A screenshot depicting a heated exchange between Drake and ScrapGang’s KG found its way onto the ScrapGang IG page, while a more extended version of the confrontation surfaced on their IG story.

An Instagram story update, taking a jab at Drake, prompted a response from the “God’s Plan” artist, the contents of which are detailed below.

Whether there were further exchanges between Drake and ScrapGang via Instagram or other platforms remains uncertain. Nonetheless, the narrative began gaining traction across various renowned channels, including Akademiks.

toronto rappers

Drake undeniably holds significant sway in his hometown, practically assuming the role of Toronto’s unofficial mayor. Throughout his ascent, he’s unabashedly represented Canada, proudly donning the red and white.

In today’s digitally manipulative landscape, discerning genuine communication from fabricated content can be challenging. While we cannot definitively confirm the authenticity of Drake’s alleged messages, it’s prudent to approach such information with caution.

Reportedly, Toronto rapper KG, a ScrapGang member, directed a disrespectful message towards Drake, labeling him a “joke” and accusing him of neglecting to promote their music due to fear of being overshadowed. In the purported response, Drake asserts that Smiley, another local rapper, and numerous others are outshining KG in the city’s rap scene. Furthermore, he criticizes KG’s songwriting abilities.

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