Roman Reigns Dad & WWE Hall Of Famer Sika Anoa’i Passes Away


Roman Reigns Dad & WWE Hall Of Famer Sika Anoa’i Passes Away

It has been revealed on social media that the passing of WWE Hall of Famer Sika Anoa’i, one half of The Wild Samoans and the father of Roman Reigns and the late Matt “Rosey” Anoa’i earlier today.

The longest reigning WWE Champion of the modern era since the days of Hulk Hogan(whom his father competed with in 1980s), Roman Reigns has thanked fans for their support in this time of loss within his family.

My family and I thank everyone for the outpouring of support in the name of my father, Pola’ivao Leati Sika Anoa’i, who will forever be remembered as one half of The Wild Samoans tag team. My father had a profound impact on my entire family and we are forever grateful for the foundation he built for us. There’s no way to fill the void left by his passing but my sisters and I will do our best to represent him and his legacy.

Rest in Power, Dad. We love you.

Sika’s nephew Jahrus announced the following:

It is with profound sadness that I share the news of the passing of Former Hall of Famer, Polaivao Leati Sika Anoa’i. He passed away peacefully on June 25th. Sika was a celebrated figure whose contributions and legacy have left an indelible mark. His memory will live on through his achievements and the many lives he touched.

He was many things: a hard working father, a caring brother, a supportive uncle, and a proud grandfather. He was a cherished friend to many, a loving family member whose warmth and kindness knew no bounds, and an inspiration to countless individuals. His legacy will continue to inspire and uplift future generations, reminding us of the impact one person’s life can have on so many. Rest in love Uncle Sika????????️ #wildsamoans #halloffamer #sikaanoai


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Sika’s biggest match he starred in was against none other than Hulk Hogan in 1987. He had the daunting task of being the first challenger to Hulk Hogan’s title on television after the legendary WrestleMania III title defense against Andre The Giant. A few months after this highly rated television match, fans would see Hulk Hogan battle Andre The Giant live on NBC on February 5th 1988.

Hulk Hogan vs. Sika for the WWF Title, Saturday Night’s Main Event (October 3, 1987)
byu/Stinger1981 inSquaredCircle

Saturday Night’s Main Event was a huge success in the 1980s when it debuted shortly after the original WrestleMania in 1985. The show debuted on May 11, 1985, as a replacement for “Saturday Night Live” during its off weeks.

Unlike the weekly episodic format of other wrestling shows, SNME was a periodic special, typically airing every few months. It featured marquee matches, championship bouts, and significant storyline developments.


SNME was instrumental in bringing professional wrestling into mainstream pop culture during the 1980s. It helped WWE (then WWF) reach a broader audience and contributed to the wrestling boom of that era.

“Saturday Night’s Main Event” remains a fondly remembered part of wrestling history, celebrated for its role in expanding the popularity of WWE and delivering some of the most iconic moments in the sport’s history.


Sika Anoa’i, born Leati Sika Amituana’i Anoa’i on April 5, 1945. He is best known for his time in the World Wrestling Federation (WWF, now WWE). He is a member of the famed Anoa’i wrestling family, which has produced numerous successful wrestlers including his son, Roman Reigns.

He was trained by The Rock’s father, Rocky Johnson and Peter Maivia along with his brother Afa. Sika and Afa formed the tag team known as “The Wild Samoans.” They portrayed savage, untamed characters who communicated in Samoan and rarely spoke English during their interviews, adding to their mystique. The Wild Samoans became one of the most successful tag teams of their era. They won numerous championships in various promotions.

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