Pop Smoke’s Alleged Killer Gives Cold Blooded Interview


Pop Smoke’s Alleged Killer Gives Cold Blooded Interview

Pop Smoke’s Alleged Killer Claims He Isn’t Sorry

A controversial interview has caused outrage online as Blockstar made some odd comments about the death of rapper Pop Smoke.

Blockstar, is one of the alleged killers of Pop Smoke, which hip hop fans are not happy about due to him being out in society. Authorities charged four people in the rapper’s 2020 murder, three of whom, including Blockstar, were minors at the time. These minors received juvenile sentences, and Blockstar has since been released after serving his term. Corey Walker, the only adult defendant, is still awaiting trial. Blockstar insists that the robbery at Pop Smoke’s Hollywood Hills mansion wasn’t planned to turn fatal and that they didn’t expect anyone to be home. He also refused to identify the shooter.

“I’m not sorry about nothing,” Blockstar said about Pop Smoke’s death. “It should’ve never happened, but I ain’t sorry. If I could go back, I’ll go back. But I ain’t sorry. N***as die every day. [Pop Smoke] was rapping about it. All type of s**t. So, I ain’t sorry about it. I send my condolences to the family. I wish it never happened. But… I don’t regret nothing.”

Pop Smoke’s Alleged Killer Speaks on No Jumper

“Growing up, I just -– my people, my family told me, ‘You ain’t sorry for s**t,’” Blockstar continued. “‘Whatever you did, you did it for a reason and stand on it.’ It was a robbery. Nobody sent us. Nobody did none of that. That’s all false information. Nobody [was] intended to get hurt. Nobody… We was just kids being kids -– being kids from the hood. And [there was] too much movement… Movement from everybody. Too much s**t going on. Just too much s**t going on. It wasn’t intentional.”

Blockstar felt his sentence was too light but didn’t complain or suggest stricter consequences. As for Pop Smoke’s murder trial, Corey Walker failed to secure plea negotiations, resulting in a delay for the case. It remains unclear whether Blockstar will play a crucial role in the trial or if he will be able to move on from these events. However, appearing on media platforms to discuss the murder is not what many would consider “moving on.”

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