Pop Smoke Murder Trial Delayed Due to Plea Deal Issues

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Pop Smoke Murder Trial Delayed Due to Plea Deal Issues

Pop Smoke Murder Trial Faces Delay Due To Alleged Killer Failing To Negotiate Plea Deal

The murder trial for Pop Smoke has encountered another delay, this time due to the failure of Corey Walker, the sole adult defendant in the case, to negotiate a plea deal. This development follows the recent release of another alleged participant in Pop Smoke’s murder from juvenile detention.

The case remains unresolved for the hip hop artist, and the court has set a new start date for Walker’s trial. Walker’s inability to reach a plea agreement with prosecutors means that the trial will be postponed unless an agreement is reached soon. Over four years have passed since Pop Smoke was tragically killed during a home invasion, yet his family and fans still await justice and closure.


This delay comes on the heels of news that one of Pop Smoke’s alleged killers was released from prison, apparently in time for his 21st birthday. This individual, who had pleaded guilty a few years ago, served his sentence in a juvenile facility and is now free. Social media posts confirm his release, but it’s uncertain how this will impact Walker’s case.

“Negotiations fell through,” said Corey Walker’s attorney, Deion Benjamin, in an interview with Rolling Stone. “But there’s still a possibility we’ll come to an agreement. A few things need to be ironed out; if they don’t get resolved, we’ll go to trial.” Jury selection is scheduled to begin on August 6 if no plea agreement is reached.


One witness to the crime shared their traumatic experience, reflecting on the night Pop Smoke was killed: “We didn’t know each other at all, but it was you who changed my life… I never thought that I would become a witness to a murder and someone’s death. February 19, 2020, was the worst night of my life… I will never forget your smile when you turned on the movie Hitch… I will never forget how scared we were that night when we looked into each other’s eyes and realized that we were about to be killed. I remember thinking at that moment, ‘Am I really going to die and my mother will never see me again?’ God gave me a second chance… It’s been four years of depression and hardship, but I thank God for life. I will never forget you; you will forever be in my heart.”

The community continues to mourn Pop Smoke, hoping for a resolution that brings justice and peace.


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