Polo G’s Mom Responds to Video of Her Firing Gun at Daughter

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Polo G’s Mom Responds to Video of Her Firing Gun at Daughter

Stacia Mac, mother of rapper Polo G, addresses a viral video showing her allegedly firing a gun at her daughter.

Viral Video Sparks Controversy

On Friday, June 21, a video emerged on social media purportedly showing Stacia Mac, mother of hip hop artist Polo G, firing a gun at her daughter, Leilani Capalot. In the alarming clip, Stacia is seen angrily leaving her mansion with what appears to be a gun in her hand. She is heard yelling, “Get off my st. You tough bch. You touch b**ch,” while pursuing her daughter. Another gunshot is heard, followed by screams, presumably from Leilani. Stacia then returns to her home, still visibly furious.

Stacia Mac Addresses the Incident, Cites Daughter’s “Manic Episode”

Shortly after the video went viral, Stacia Mac took to her Instagram Stories to explain the situation. She revealed that her daughter had been experiencing a “manic episode” and had attacked her.

“For the past two years you’ve struggled. That struggle affected us all. Me more so because as a REAL mom, I was on the front line. You’ve been self-coping/medicating, drinking, and passing out everywhere. You’ve refused treatment time and time again. YOU WERE HAVING A MANIC EPISODE AND ATTACKED ME IN MY HOME,” she wrote.

Stacia also admitted that she had sent the video to Leilani’s father and fired the shots to remove her daughter from the property immediately.

Leilani’s Response

In response, Leilani posted on her Instagram Story, accusing her mother of wanting to be a thug and being jealous of her.

Incident Timeline

The exact timing of the incident remains unclear, but in April 2023, Leilani went on Instagram Live to share that she had an altercation with her mother.


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