Moscow Concert Hall Shooting By Terrorists As ISIS Takes Credit


Moscow Concert Hall Shooting By Terrorists As ISIS Takes Credit

CNN reports Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin responded to the attack by labeling it a “terrible tragedy” and expressed condolences to the families of the victims. He promptly ordered the provision of necessary assistance to all affected individuals. Additionally, Sobyanin announced the cancellation of all sports, cultural, and public events scheduled in Moscow for the weekend.

Russian President Vladimir Putin was informed about the attack and is being regularly updated on the situation.

Earlier in the month, the US embassy in Russia issued warnings about potential extremist threats targeting large gatherings in Moscow, including concerts, advising US citizens to avoid such events.

In response to these warnings, President Putin criticized the US embassy’s actions, labeling them as “provocative” and likening them to blackmail aimed at destabilizing Russian society.

Subsequently, the US embassy in Moscow acknowledged reports of the ongoing terrorist incident at Crocus City Hall and cautioned US citizens against traveling to Russia.

Meanwhile, Ukraine, amidst its ongoing conflict with Russia, denied any involvement in the attack. Ukrainian presidential adviser Mykhailo Podolyak emphasized that Ukraine has never employed terrorist methods. Podolyak also expressed concerns that Russia might exploit the attack to justify its actions and escalate military propaganda in Ukraine.


State media Russia 24 reported the roof on the venue has partially collapsed.

The attack unfolded before the music group Picnic was set to perform, according to Russia 24. The band’s manager told state media that the performers were unharmed.

The Russia Prosecutor General’s Office said: “Unidentified people in camouflage broke into Crocus City Hall and started shooting before the start of the concert,” according to TASS.


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