LL Cool J Says Drake vs. Kendrick Was Great For Hip Hop Culture


LL Cool J Says Drake vs. Kendrick Was Great For Hip Hop Culture

LL Cool J knows a thing or two about battle rapping.

The rap legend is on a comeback trail and is hitting media outlets. He recently dropped the single “Saturday Night Special” and stirred up some controversy with his comments about Andre 3000’s flute playing. However, the most talked-about topic in the rap world in 2024 is the Drake vs. Kendrick Lamar battle, and LL Cool J didn’t hold back during his interview with Hot 97’s TT Torrez. While his takes aren’t groundbreaking, they offer an intriguing perspective from someone who’s experienced his share of rap feuds.

In his conversation with Torrez, LL Cool J declared Kendrick Lamar the clear winner in the battle. “Kendrick won the battle. I mean, come on,” he said. “That’s obvious. That’s a no-brainer. And listen, I like Drake. I love his music, he’s a cool dude. We don’t know each other, but I like his music. I’m happy for him and everything.” He acknowledged Drake’s talent but suggested that challenging Kendrick might not have been the best decision. “Kendrick… that might have been a bad choice,” he added. “I like him, but Kendrick did his thing.”

LL Cool J Still Thinks Drake Handled Himself Well

LL Cool J, often seen as a precursor to Drake’s R&B-infused style, expanded on the discussion. He placed both Drake and Kendrick Lamar within the larger context of rap history, asserting that both have secured their legacies. “It was great for Hip Hop culture, don’t get it twisted,” LL stated. “Both of their names will be etched in history because of it.” He also reminded fans of the quality of Drake’s disses, despite being overshadowed. “Even us just talking about it now is etching it into history,” he concluded. “Both of them are super talented, they both did great. It ain’t like Drake completely and utterly played himself.”

LL Cool J’s passion for hip-hop culture continues as he has seen some battles in the past himself.  His fervor for the genre has him on course to currently create a new album. The rapper-turned-actor is currently working on his first album since 2013, with production by another genre legend, Q-Tip, slated for release this fall.


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