Global Live Art Event Showcases AI’s Creative Power: Interview

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Global Live Art Event Showcases AI’s Creative Power: Interview

A groundbreaking event broadcasting live on June 27th (and aired June 12th) bridges continents and disciplines, uniting five multidisciplinary artists in a real-time creative explosion. Combining sound design, vocals, instrumental music, and painting, the performance will harness the power of artificial intelligence (AI) in innovative ways, highlighting its potential to enhance and inspire the artistic process. Check out the exclusive WorldWide Entertainment TV Media interview below with the event’s founder.

The event will feature a diverse range of talent, with artists performing from each of the two participating continents. This global collaboration will not only showcase the artists’ individual skills but also demonstrate the power of technology to connect and foster creative exchange across vast distances, all to draw attention and raise awareness about the importance of inclusion.

A unique aspect of the event will be the integration of AI tools into each artist’s performance. From generating musical compositions to inspiring visual elements, AI will play an active role in shaping the artistic creations in real time. The goal is to demonstrate how AI can be a valuable tool, sparking new ideas, enhancing creative expression, and even adding an element of surprise to the artistic process. It can also be an incredibly powerful tool when it comes to facilitation of daily tasks of a child with autism.

In a powerful statement of inclusion, the event will also feature artwork created by children on the autism spectrum. By highlighting the work of neurodivergent children, the event aims to promote understanding and appreciation for the diverse ways in which creativity can manifest, and outline the benefits involved.

The event promises to be a visually stunning and sonically rich experience, with each artist’s performance captured and projected for the audience to enjoy, and cross-casted between locations. The event will culminate in a virtual gallery, where the artwork created during the performance, along with the children’s pieces, will be showcased. Workshops, mentorship and resources will be later provided for FREE to autism advocacy associations who would like to participate in the program.

By combining live performance, AI integration, and a focus on neurodiversity, this event is poised to push the boundaries of artistic expression and spark new conversations about the role of technology in the creative world and inclusivity. It’s a celebration of human creativity, amplified and enhanced by the power of AI, and a testament to the transformative potential of art to connect us all.

WHERE: Virtual event on ZOOM, broadcasted from Toronto Island and Porec, Istria
Event is free but registration is required. Register here:

 WHO:  EDQIA Savant Concept Alliance in collaboration with benefactors and friends

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