Fat Joe Says Chris Brown Should Be New Michael Jackson Despite Rihanna Issue


Fat Joe Says Chris Brown Should Be New Michael Jackson Despite Rihanna Issue

Fat Joe believes Chris Brown would be seen as the modern Michael Jackson if not for his past incident with Rihanna.

On Sunday, June 16, during an Instagram Live session, Fat Joe shared his thoughts on Chris Brown’s legacy. He praised Brown’s talent, placing him in the same league as the King of Pop. However, Joe acknowledged that the public’s perception of Brown is tainted by the 2009 incident involving his then-girlfriend Rihanna.


“If Chris Brown never had the controversy with Rihanna, we would be calling him Michael Jackson right now,” Joe stated. “Not like Michael Jackson—Michael Jackson. He is the most talented singer, artist, performer, hitmaker of our time. There’s nobody even close to Chris Brown, and it’s time we move past it. It’s been 20-something years that I know of — there’s been no more incidents. Are we really going to let this lifetime go by without acknowledging the truth?”


In 2009, Chris Brown pleaded guilty to assaulting Rihanna. Despite the 15 years that have passed, critics still bring up the incident. Although Rihanna forgave Brown in a 2012 interview with Oprah, he continues to face backlash. This hasn’t prevented Brown from selling out tours and being compared to Jackson. Fat Joe argues that if people can still listen to R. Kelly after his conviction, they can recognize Brown as the “King of R&B.”

“When the truth is unpopular, people are afraid to say it,” Joe continued. “They get canceled — especially famous people. But you know, the streets — they know what it is. The streets always tell you the truth.”

“It’s a shame we’re not acknowledging the king of R&B,” Joe added. “We think he could compete with Michael Jackson, that’s all I’m saying. Look at his body of work, his hits, and what he does.” Check out epic Michael Jackson moments in the clip below.

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