Ex-Bodyguard Claims Diddy Once Confronted Suge Knight with Guns

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Ex-Bodyguard Claims Diddy Once Confronted Suge Knight with Guns

Roger Bonds Reveals A Diddy Moment Surrounding Suge Knight

It’s well known that Diddy and Suge Knight have had their share of conflicts, and according to former bodyguard Roger Bonds, their feud nearly turned violent in 2010. In a recent interview with VladTV, Bonds detailed the alleged incident, which he claims began with a late-night visit to Mel’s Diner where Diddy’s crew encountered the former Death Row CEO.

Bonds explained that Diddy often sent his assistant David to get takeout in the middle of the night. On the night in question, David and another security guard, D-Roc, went to Mel’s Diner and spotted Knight. They informed Diddy about Knight’s presence, prompting the Bad Boy Records founder to allegedly decide to confront him.

Roger Bonds Recalls Diddy & Suge Knight’s Alleged Confrontation

“When D-Roc opened up his door, Suge opened up his door, and they were facing each other,” Bonds recounted. “Meanwhile, the assistant slipped off to the side and called Puff, saying ‘Yo, D-Roc and them got a problem.'” Hearing this, Diddy allegedly “gathered up what he needed,” and headed to the diner. Upon arrival, he reportedly declared, “Let’s end this sh*t right now,” but was persuaded by his crew to leave instead.

This isn’t the only startling claim circulating about Diddy and Suge Knight recently. Last week, a former detective alleged that Diddy once ordered a $1 million hit on both Knight and 2Pac, with Duane “Keefe D” Davis supposedly agreeing to the deal. Allegedly, Diddy told a room full of “crips” that he wanted their “heads.”

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