Drake’s Reference Track Leaked Online For Lil Wayne’s “I’m Single”


Drake’s Reference Track Leaked Online For Lil Wayne’s “I’m Single”

Drake and reference tracks continues to grow online, but this time he is the ghostwriter.

Reference tracks have always been a part of hip-hop, but few artists are as closely linked to this practice as Drake. He has become emblematic of both reference tracks and ghostwriting. The debate surrounding his involvement in these practices dates back to 2015 and resurfaced after the dust settled from his feud with Kendrick Lamar. Recent leaks of reference tracks for “Ratchet Happy Birthday” and “Mob Ties” have fueled the narrative that Drake often doesn’t write his own material. Now, a new reference track has emerged, this time featuring Lil Wayne as the recipient.

On June 6, a reference track surfaced in which Drake laid down the foundation for what would eventually become Lil Wayne’s song “I’m Single.” This track dates back to early 2009, around the time Drake signed with Wayne’s Young Money label. The most intriguing aspect of this reference track isn’t that Drake wrote it, but how adeptly he mimicked Wayne’s distinctive flow. The Toronto newcomer made it effortless for Weezy to turn the track into a highlight on his album I Am Not a Human Being. Initially, Drake was supposed to feature on “I’m Single” with Wayne, but it ultimately became a solo track.

Drake Credited as a Songwriter on “I’m Single”

Drake’s contribution as a songwriter is evident in the final version of “I’m Single,” which also features production by Noah “40” Shebib, making it unsurprising that the track began as an OVO project. This isn’t the first time Drake’s involvement in writing for Lil Wayne has come to light. In a 2015 interview with VladTV, Karrine Steffans revealed that Drake wrote numerous songs for Wayne. “[Lil] Wayne told me that Drake had written some things for him,” she said. “I was in the studio with Wayne, listening to something Drake had written, because [Wayne] can’t write like that. He’ll be honest about it. He only writes a certain way.”

Steffans mentioned that Lil Wayne was transparent about using Drake’s ideas. “He was very honest,” she recalled. “So Drake was just showing him how to take his ideas and turn them into a story, and to make that story come full circle. That’s a skill. That’s a storytelling skill. Not everybody can do that.” As Drake’s career progressed, he seemingly adopted Wayne’s methods, as evidenced by the PND and Vory reference tracks. The “I’m Single” reference track offers a unique glimpse into the collaborative dynamic between two legendary artists—one whose reputation has been questioned, while the other remains unaffected.

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