Darius McCrary & Sidney Starr Caught Kissing & Twerking

Darius McCrary & Sidney Starr Caught Kissing & Twerking

The iconic “Family Matters” star after denial of dating trans-woman is seen in a video posted by Sidney Starr that questions his denial.

The online rumor mill had people responding to reports of a relationship between Darius McCrary and Sidney Starr, but the report was quickly denied. It was known that McCrary was dating Kevin Hart’s ex-wife Torrei Hart, and while fans believed that romance was still brewing, new reports claim that McCrary had linked with the trans reality television star.

Sidney shared photos and videos showing her with McCrary and in the captions, she praised their friendship. However, after social media turned them into a trending topic, McCrary returned to deny that he is romantically involved with Starr.

In the past, Starr has been known for telling lies on celebrities which have crushed their career as was the case with rapper Chingy. She had given the idea of dating McCrary for a year, but some people thought it was another Chingy situation that was fabricated. At the time, she suggested that she had a relationship with the rapper and although she later admitted to lying about it, Chingy would reveal that the scandal caused him to lose a record deal, ending his Rap career.

This time, however, Starr has supporters who have come forward to co-sign her rumored relationship with McCrary. While he seems to deny that they are together, a new video showing them at a photoshoot kissing, cuddling, and Starr twerking on him has also circulated. McCrary hasn’t addressed this clip, but it continues to keep the rumor mill turning.

Star updated her followers by sharing another photo of her and McCrary, and in the caption, she said no matter what, they’re still friends.

In a video, McCrary is seen sharing a meal with his Family Matters mom, Jo Marie Payton.

“While y’all are discussing these rumors that aren’t true, we eating,” he said. “What are we, in high school? You’re going to tell me who I can’t be friends with, who I can’t hang out with?” He added, “I think my fiancé would really have something different to say. That’s what y’all should be focusing on, where that ring is.”

McCrary also added that while social media is “busy discussing [him],” he’s “trying to change the world.”


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