Busta Rhymes Reveals Collab With Biggie Had 2Pac Diss


Busta Rhymes Reveals Collab With Biggie Had 2Pac Diss

Busta Rhymes stood out as a pillar of integrity during the 90s era of hip-hop. During an appearance on All the Smoke he revealed that in 1996, he collaborated with Biggie on a track titled “The Ugliest,” which contained subliminal disses towards 2Pac. However, out of respect for his past interactions with 2Pac and to avoid escalating tensions, Busta made the decision to omit the song from his debut album.

In the song, Biggie’s lyrics included references like “Diamonds on my neck, chrome drop-top/ Chillin’ on the scene, sm*k**’ pounds of green/ Oooh-wee, you see, the ugliest/ Money-hungriest, Brooklyn Loch Ness/ Nine millimeter c0ck test, wan fi’ test?/ And the winner is, not that thinner kid/ Bandanas, tattoos, my skin never bruise/ Land still cruise, Frank White…”

Reflecting on the track, Busta expressed his affection for both artists, recognizing his role as a mediator. He stated, “I love these ni**as, man. I get to be the mediator. I can’t add fuel to this fire. I ain’t put it out.”

Further elaborating on his decision, Busta emphasized his desire to avoid exacerbating the ongoing feud between Biggie and 2Pac. He explained, “I didn’t feel like that was smart at the time. They were having such a serious back-and-forth. As a friend, I wanted to make sure I wasn’t doing anything to add to that. I was friends with both of them, but I was closer to B.I.G..”


Although the song was eventually remixed for Biggie’s Born Again Album in 1999 with new vocals by Busta Rhymes, even in this version, the contentious lyrics aimed at 2Pac were censored.

Busta’s handling of the situation showcased his loyalty and authenticity, as he refused to compromise his friendships for personal gain or recognition.

“I got to Soundtracks [on] the third day. Elevators fine,” Busta remembers. “Big and [Lil’] Cease come. They pull up. Meth and Nas came two days in a row now. No Biggie. So, they was not coming on the third day.” The Flipmode Squad general then described Biggie’s notorious creative process, as the rapper was renowned for not writing down his lyrics on paper, but instead forming them in his head.

“We in the motherf**kin’ stu[dio] at the time, Branson is selling the most incredible bud in the hood and he would sell them in these jars that look like motherf**kin’ pickle jars… mason jars,” he recalls. “Cease would roll the blunts and Biggie would come with the Branson jars. He rolling weed. Blunt after blunt after blunt and Biggie just sitting in one of the studio chairs.”

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