50 Cent Expands His Empire with G-Unit Film & Television Studio in Louisiana

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50 Cent Expands His Empire with G-Unit Film & Television Studio in Louisiana

The ever-expanding empire of 50 Cent reaches a new milestone as he officially inaugurates G-Unit Studios in Shreveport, Louisiana today (April 18). This move is anticipated to inject vitality into the local economy, offering fresh employment opportunities and enriching the cultural landscape of the region. A press conference is slated for later today at 4 p.m. local time to mark the studio’s grand unveiling.

In a statement to Billboard, 50 Cent expressed his enthusiasm for this latest venture, stating, “As someone who has always believed in the transformative power of music, film, and television, I’m beyond excited to introduce the expansion of my G-Unit Film & Television through the launch of G-Unit Studios right here in Shreveport.” He emphasized the studio’s commitment to amplifying diverse voices and compelling narratives, reflecting a dedication beyond mere entertainment.

The decision to establish G-Unit Studios in Shreveport, according to 50 Cent, transcends mere business strategy; it signifies a dedication to nurturing talent, fostering opportunities, and cultivating a vibrant creative community. Mayor Tom Arceneaux of Shreveport shares this sentiment, expressing enthusiasm for the collaboration and the prospect of bringing captivating entertainment to the city. “We are thrilled that G-Unit Studios will plant its roots in Shreveport,” Mayor Arceneaux remarked, underscoring the city’s rich cultural tapestry and talent pool as ideal assets for this endeavor.

50 Cent also took to Instagram and X formerly known as Twitter to share his excitement, posting a snapshot of the studio’s impressive layout. “Excited to announce the expansion of G-Unit Film & Television through the launch of my G-Unit Studios right here in Shreveport,” he captioned the image, signaling a new chapter in his multifaceted career.

50 Cent, also known as Curtis Jackson, is a multi-talented artist and entrepreneur who has made significant contributions to both the music and television industries. Through his production company, G-Unit Film & Television, he has ventured into creating compelling content for television, particularly with Starz TV.

One of 50 Cent’s notable productions with Starz TV is the critically acclaimed series “Power.” Debuting in 2014, “Power” quickly became one of Starz’s flagship shows, captivating audiences with its gripping storyline, complex characters, and intense drama. 50 Cent served as an executive producer on the series and also portrayed the character Kanan Stark, a ruthless and cunning drug dealer. His involvement in both behind-the-scenes production and on-screen performance helped elevate the show’s profile and draw attention to his versatile talents.


In addition to “Power,” 50 Cent has continued to collaborate with Starz on various projects under his G-Unit Film & Television banner. For example, he executive produced the spin-off series “Power Book II: Ghost,” which follows the aftermath of the original “Power” series and focuses on the character Tariq St. Patrick, played by Michael Rainey Jr. The spin-off premiered in 2020 and has been well-received by fans of the franchise.

Furthermore, 50 Cent has expanded his partnership with Starz beyond the “Power” universe. He has been involved in developing and producing other original series for the network, leveraging his creative vision and storytelling prowess to bring fresh and engaging content to audiences.

Overall, 50 Cent’s collaborations with Starz TV through G-Unit Film & Television have solidified his reputation as a prolific producer in the television industry. His ability to create compelling narratives and his knack for generating buzz have contributed to the success of his projects and have cemented his status as a prominent figure in both music and television.

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