Tory Lanez Declares Drake Winner In Battle With Kendrick Lamar

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Tory Lanez Declares Drake Winner In Battle With Kendrick Lamar

Tory Lanez firmly believes that Drake emerged victorious in the much-discussed rap battle against Kendrick Lamar. The clash between Drake and Kendrick Lamar has dominated conversations in recent weeks, escalating as both artists dropped multiple diss tracks from May 3 to May 6. While the dust seems to have settled for now, the intensity of the battle reached new heights over the weekend, drawing attention even from President Joe Biden.

On Thursday (May 9), Episode #723 of The Joe Budden Podcast aired, delving deep into the aftermath of the epic rap showdown. During the episode, Joe Budden shared insights from a conversation he had with Tory Lanez, who offered his perspective on the battle while behind bars.

“His pick is Drake in the battle,” Joe revealed during the podcast. “I’m there in the strip club bathroom, listening to his arguments about why Drake triumphed. However, it seems he might have missed out on the Kendrick stuff. Then the jail operator interrupted, and he lost his train of thought.”

Tory Lanez and Drake have a history marked by tensions, dating back to their early years in the industry. In 2010, when both were emerging artists, Tory famously challenged Drake, offering him $10,000 if he didn’t like his music after giving it a listen. Drake, however, brushed off the offer. Over the years, their relationship saw its share of back-and-forth, with Tory taking jabs at Drake, and Drake responding in kind with tracks like “Summer Sixteen,” “Blow,” and “Round Here.”

The feud eventually simmered down in May 2017 following a personal phone call between the two. More recently, Drake has publicly supported Tory Lanez amidst his legal troubles stemming from the incident involving Megan Thee Stallion. Check out the reactions below.

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