#MetroGroomin: Concerns Arise as Tweets Resurface about Metro Boomin


#MetroGroomin: Concerns Arise as Tweets Resurface about Metro Boomin

Once something’s on the internet, it tends to stay there.

While Metro Boomin hasn’t been at the forefront of the Drake/Kendrick Lamar feud due to his role as a producer, his recent actions have stirred up some controversy. With his involvement in providing a platform for one of the major players to take shots at Drake with “Like That,” he inadvertently fueled the ongoing rivalry. The song’s impact seems to have intensified the animosity between the two rap icons. In particular, Kendrick Lamar has focused on accusations against Drake, alleging him to be a sexual predator. Now, similar allegations are resurfacing concerning Metro Boomin, leading to the trending label #MetroGroomin.


Metro Boomin Expands “BBL Drizzy Beat Giveaway” with Cash Prize

Metro Boomin, the talented producer hailing from St. Louis, has upped the ante in his “BBL Drizzy Beat Giveaway” contest aimed at Drake fans. Initially, the contest promised the winner a free beat, but now it includes a generous cash prize as well.


The contest was first unveiled when Metro Boomin uploaded an instrumental track featuring a sped-up sample of a woman singing “BBL Drizzy” on SoundCloud last Sunday (May 5). Since its release, fans have been adding their vocals to the beat, showcasing their talents and creativity.

On Monday (May 6), Metro Boomin took to X (formerly Twitter) to announce an exciting update to the contest. Alongside the original prize of a beat for the winner, he revealed that the grand prize now also includes a substantial $10,000 cash reward. Additionally, he announced that the runner-up will receive a beat of their own.

The contest was sparked by Drake’s diss towards Kendrick Lamar in the song “Family Matters,” where Drake references Metro Boomin. Reacting to the diss, Metro Boomin clarified misconceptions about himself and his loved ones on social media. He also shared evidence of attempts to obstruct the airplay of the track “Like That,” a collaboration between Future and Metro Boomin that initially triggered the feud back in March.

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